“Greg is an absolute revelation!

As the spiritual inspiration on the team, he cracks the clients open, introduces them to their selves and challenges them to rethink their assumptions about themselves and even about sobriety. Greg beautifully models the power of taking ownership of your life and actually out-smarting temptation.  This is – and he is – a real gift to us all.”

– Judy Waters LMFT, Malibu Detox Los Angeles, CA


"The spiritual leader of sobriety in Los Angeles."

- Terry Gault, Owner Oaks of Hope


"Our spiritual leader."

- Nzinga Garvey, Executive Director Malibu Detox

Just a Few Organizations Greg Has Ministered to...

“A Godlike experience.”

“I don’t believe in God or any of that. But when Greg prays, I am so deeply touched that I ooze out of my container. Few individuals have such heart and pure intention as well as subtle skill, gently applied.  Effortlessly and naturally, Greg connects with the most precious part of me. Every touch leaves an imprint of gratitude and a glow of wonder.  He gives me the space of totally accepted, loved, allowed, no conditions, a rare moment.”

— Nitsan G, Entrepreneuer


“I am transported to a place where I can feel the light beam of heaven shining down upon me.”

– Katrina

Greg is a paragon of virtue, love and strength

“He helps me gain insight into my personhood every time I sit with him or in one of his groups. He shows me how to shed my armor and be in the moment. Greg and his pedagogy have taught me how to be vulnerable so I can be strong in the long run. I am forever grateful and indebted to this epitome of love.”

- Meo



“I highly recommend spiritual counseling with Greg”

“Through my work with Greg, along with an open mind and heart, I participated in an incredible journey of healing with the divine. This journey filled my heart with love and gratitude, and gave me a new perspective on my life and the challenges I was facing at the time. I found this new perspective extremely inspiring, powerful, and transformative.  With a deepened sense of spiritual connection with the divine, I no longer felt alone. I found self-love and compassion, as well as strength to grow and flourish.  This beautiful sense of self and deepened spiritual connection has stayed with me years after my spiritual counseling experiences with Greg. It is a part of me, and will never be lost. I highly recommend spiritual counseling with Greg to anyone who is looking to strengthen their spiritual practice and connection with the divine, as well as anyone who desires more love, joy, and grace in their life.”

- Allie Mojarradi, MSW