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Because every 

heart deserves a second chance

We do not allow addiction and bad behaviors to define your life. We do not let conventional boundaries hold you back.  We shatter conventional boundaries so you may break free from comfort zones to reach the stars and score all the way in life. We empower you to break free from “getting high” to “going higher” so you may influence your life with good and sobriety.  Once you have reached a level of spiritual high rather than artificial high, you then become a community, team, and global Influencer. You are a visionary leader.

By boldly taking action to improve your life, you invoke a brave heart spirit of constant action.  This forward motion is the excitement of execution that gets your adrenaline pumping and fills your life with adventure and enthusiasm. We dare you to go for it and dream the biggest of dreams.  We support you in defying the odds of your socioeconomic, familial, and cultural status to put everything on the line to live the life you know awaits you.

We invoke a natural calm and peace. We create harmony from within in order to develop a compassionate relationship with your inner struggles.  Rather than fighting or hiding from those negative feelings, you can now draw upon a demeanor of refreshing retreat from past chaos and inner conflict. An attitude of longevity propels your consistent and constant path for success.


Coaching with Greg

He gives me the space of total acceptance...

“Thank you for giving me the strength and courage to face myself and talk about it.  Coming from a place where I was tight as a drum to where I was willing to open up and reveal my inner feelings is a miracle. I was encouraged to get in touch with my higher power and learned to rely on Him to lead me to where I feel confident to do what I know I have to do.”     -  Carl W.

My sessions with Greg touched on a deeper side, on the pulse/heart of my experience with my son’s recovery. Through working with a spiritual practitioner like Greg as opposed to a traditional therapist, I know I believe I was guided to a deeper understanding of the truth of what was happening instead of being lost in confusion and fear of my ‘perception’ of my experience e with my son.
— Viviane

Talk with Greg Johnson.

The Servant to Your Most High