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For Artists, Actors and Musicians 

So often artists deal with rejection after rejection on the auditioning merry-go-round. This rejection and constant demand to create and give all of yourself can leave you feeling fragile, vulnerable, and naked to the point of breaking, wanting to hide, or simply numbing out from the demands of artistry and creating.

Talent Heart believes artists deserve the very best and we want to pamper you with individual attention and care. We inspire artists to break free from rejection to reach for the stars.

Talent Heart dissects the roadblocks that are holding you back so that you may understand them in order to overcome them. Our artists achieve dramatic results both professionally and personally.

In the spirit of artistry and creativity, we evoke a sense of play and experimentation for each artist embracing his or her individuality and personality to create desired outcomes. We integrate our systems of service with the creative ideas of the artist to ensure rapid success for our clients.

We engage the mind of our client to release intense levels of creativity to penetrate and activate an intuitive energy from within.

"I didn’t how lost and broken I was until I started working with Greg.
I thought I had it all because I was a high powered Hollywood executive.
Now I realize how broken my life was and how truly empty I was on the inside. Thank you for helping me see this; now I can move forward to truly
live my life full of love and connection."

- Hollywood Executive


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