About Greg

Greg Johnson, President and Founder, began serving youth in high school as a counselor for the Youth Education Program for junior high school students.  Mr. Johnson earned a B.F.A. from the University of Florida, a Master of Arts - Human Services: Executive Leadership from Liberty University in Virginia, and a Degree in Spiritual Counseling from the Agape University in Los Angels, California.  Mr. Johnson has assisted in developing numerous curriculums for the advancement of our children for youth conferences, summer camps, and group homes. Mr. Johnson has served as a mental health counselor in private hospitals in Chicago, Illinois and as an Administrator for group home facilities in Northern California.

In addition to his work in non-profit sector, Greg founded Love Soulutions LLC ™ because love is the solution.  Greg's companies include Champion Heart ™ - specializing in working with elite athletes to support sobriety, sustain success, and strengthen self and spirit, Sober Heart™  -specializing in working with top executives, lawyers, and pilots to ensure success in sobriety, and Talent Heart™ - specializing in working with successful actors, directors, and producers in the entertainment industry to ensure personal success, sobriety, and inner peace.


Spiritual Certainty

“And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God.”  - Holy Bible NIV, Romans 8:27

Fear, doubt, and worry have the capacity to paralyze us and create a hesitation to live life of action.  We may become stagnant and stuck in the rut of depression and sadness because we begin to believe the very thinking we have created based upon a lack of faith in God.  When we allow fear, doubt, and worry to overcome us, we create uncertainty that leads to mental instability and emotional upset.

We must create a foundation of spiritual certainty for our lives.  This spiritual certainty heals all instability and upset that has been created by our own making.  Spiritual certainty is founded in understanding the depths of God’s love.  When we search our hearts, we begin to understand the depths of God’s unending and relentless love.  This understanding is our spiritual practice of prayer and meditation.  We allow the thoughts of doubt, fear, and worry to dissolve by means of certainty through our experience of God’s love.  We search our hearts to know the presence of God’s love as the will of God.  God’s will is that of love and when we experience this will through our spiritual practice, we live with absolute certainty that God’s love is the strength, source, and supply of our existence.

Uncertainty is eliminated and dissolved from our lives because we are consumed and absorbed with absolute certainty in God’s will of love.  Love is our spiritual certainty.  We create certainty in our lives by exploring the depths of our hearts to transcend our minds in order to allow the will of God to intercede in our lives.  When we allow the will of God to intercede in our lives through the porthole of our hearts, we establish and found the creation of every moment of our lives in spiritual certainty, that of God’s love.

I live my life with certainty because the will of God is my infinite supply of unconditional love. God’s love is my supply and power, this I know with spiritual certainty.

 - Greg Johnson, ALSP

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