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Because every 


entrepreneuer deserves 

to feel
alive and thrive!

Are you losing confidence in your ability because you feel like you should be farther along in your business?

Is your hope and faith fading because you are not seeing the results you want despite investing so much money in coaching?

Do you feel like you are all alone?

Despite investing thousands in a program, do you still feel like you are missing a spiritual component to your success?


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If you are a heart centered entrepreneur developing and/or running your own business there is something essential you need in order to thrive and feel alive and that is a strong heart. Most importantly you must empower your own heart in order to give your heart up so often in your business. Often we forget about strengthening our own hearts because we are so busy giving it up when we are serving in our heart centered businesses. Heart centered entrepreneurs gives so much of their own heart often leaving themselves tired, weakened, and confused. Because heart centered experts give so much of themselves, they must find nourishment and replenishment for their own hearts. Expert Heart™ assists you in staying strong so you can powerfully navigate the ups and downs of creating and running your enterprise without getting stuck.

What if I told you all you have to do is look within for your source of strength, power, and clarity? Are you ready to adventure into the heart of the matter and see the sacred you?

Join Greg Johnson’s Expert Heart™ for our 5 week Teleseminar,

Empower Your Entrepreneur Heart: Stay Heart Strong

In our five-week tele-seminar grant yourself permission to:

  • Walk away filling uplifted

  • Create confidently and boldly

  • Be unstoppable

  • Rejuvenate and rest your mind

  • Support and nurture your spirit

  • Feel strong and energized

  • Dissolve blocks

  • Get excited about your possibilities for the future

  • Allow for manifestation

Move from:

  • fear to free

  • uncertain to certain

  • lack to abundance

  • stuck to unstoppable

Allow your soul to get clear and clean

Allow your soul to get clear and clean

Get higher in the Spirit

Let your imagination run wild

Allow your soul to get clear and clean

Come home to your heart

Connect with your wisdom within


Expert Heart is a benefit and resource for the heart-centered entrepreneur’s client base as well:

Do you ever wonder how you can exponentially increase the success rate of your clients?

Are you tired of watching your clients fail to implement the tools you have given them for optimal success?

Are you frustrated because your clients just don't get it?

Do you feel like you are giving your clients everything they need to make lots of money, yet they still don't and are stuck?

Are you searching for that ‘extra something’ or that ‘something spicy’ to really make your clients excel?

What if I told you that I have that 'extra something’ to move your clients from fear to free, from uncertain to certain, from lack to abundance, from stuck to unstoppable…Juicy right?

Do you want to know what that 'special something' is? Are you ready to hear the secret formula?

Here it is. That secret sauce is the 'SACRED YOU.'


Expert Heart’s secret sauce allows for our clients to deeply connect to their 'sacred you.' No longer do they speculate about the way in which they move forward, they begin to embody sacredness by listening to the sweet whispers of intelligence from the depths of their being.  I have seen demonstration after demonstration of the power of the sauce working with heart-centered entrepreneurs.  The sauce is God given and moves clients to tears because they are able to deeply connect with the ‘sacred you’ like never before.


Coaching with Greg

He gives me the space of total acceptance...

“I don’t believe in God or any of that. But when Greg prays with me, I am so deeply touched that I ooze out of my container. Few individuals have such heart and pure intention as well as subtle skill, gently applied.  Effortlessly and naturally, Greg connects with the most precious part in me.  Every touch leaves and imprint of gratitude and a glow of wonder. 

-Nitsan G Heart Centered Business Entrepreneur


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